"Warriors are not born. They are forged"

  • Redefining the limit’s

    Our goal is not to make you pass out in 10 minutes, any idiot can do that. We will, however, find out where your limits really lie.

    · Kettle Bell · Jump Training · Explosive Power Training · Endurance Training · Tires · Ropes · Sandbags · Sledge Hammers · Body Weight Training · Running · Agility · Endurance

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  • Class information

    This course is designed to develop explosive power, strength, and endurance. It is also designed to deal with the fact that chaos happens in blazing heat, freezing cold, and pouring rain. To that end, we train rain or shine, hot or cold, windy or calm. Each class runs 45min to an hour long and is strategically varied for continual progress.

    Please visit the schedule page for more information, course times, and pricing, and remember the first Saturday in the month is free to new participants so come check us out!

    50% discount for all active military!

  • Back to the basics

    Several years ago a small underground movement was started to leave the over hyped, neon lit, air conditioned, and spandex world of the big box commercial chain “health club”. The concept was to return hard core training to the garages and warehouses where sweat and substance were more important than style.

    If you have tried Crossfit, this will blow you away. If you have worked out for years, but are looking to step into the world of serious combat ready strength and conditioning, this is where you belong